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Faces & Voices of Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery is a national campaign of individuals and organizations joining together with a united voice to advocate for public action to deliver the power, possibility and proof of rec

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360 62
It is a beautiful country, Italy, but there are a lot of improvement that can be done and there I started to propose ideas how to do.
Recovery Comedy
7 1187
Welcome to Recovery Comedy! Clean and Sober Comedy isn't hard to find anymore. Whether you're booking an Alcoholics Anonymous Convention or a Narcotics Anonymous Convention or any other 12 Step Comedy Related Event we are here for you!
Creating dreams, musings from an alcoholic mind
5 3235

an inspirational site about hopes and dreams, which come alive through sobriety
Wolf running with the Spirit Wind
4 2864

Clean and sober biker, spirituality, 12 step recovery.
Drug Rehab Information
4 1523

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive resource for drug abuse and drug addiction. We have locations of thousands of drug rehab centers across the country.
3 1401

An exhaustive list of drug and alcohol rehab centers and therapists and substance abuse statistics for every city in the United States.
RelationshipWise, Inc.
3 721

We do workshops for all kinds of people, especially kids, to "proselytize" relationship safety. A big part of the hypnotizing is about not drinking and drugging cuz they're not especially safe ways to coast through life. They kind of get in the
3 1033

A site for unique, artistic recovery/AA inspired shirts and gifts! With depth and weight!
Love my Recovery
2 779

Put a little more fun in your 12 step program of Recovery! Shop Love my Recovery for T-shirts, Sobriety Greeting Cards, God Boxes, magnets, posters and more.
International Christian Recovery Coalition
2 814
International Christian Recovery Coalition is a growing body of participants who are Christian leaders and Christians in recovery--all emphasizing the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in the recovery movment and can play
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Sober Musicians
2 3748

Addiction Plays For keeps...
So Do We!
Online hangout filled with recovery and music.
Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism
2 300

We do recover from alcoholism and addictive behaviour. I blog about the hows and the whys of addiction and recovery.
Ask an Addict
2 1203

This site is intended to provide addiction support and advice in a non-judgmental way so that the addict or anyone else that's been affected by an addict will know there are many who understand and eliminate the feeling of being alone. Ask an Addict
The Recovery Revolution [formerly KLEN+SOBR]
1 375

Shunning stereotypes and shattering stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

Home of the Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast.
Celebrating Life with the Creating Dreams Website
1 952

An awards program specifically designed with the recovery site in mind. Sites that promote hopes and dreams that were built on despair of addiction.
David Lee Byrd
1 1503

Spirituality is an intensely personal journey. It will always lead to peace, and harmony. Discover your very own path.
Discovering Beautiful
1 104
Sober Living.Thoughts, Information, Ideas, Writing.
You aren't alone in this. We can and do recover.
Culver Enterprises, Inc - Book Cover Mfg for 12 St
1 724
Culver Enterprises has manufactured 12 Step Program Book covers and check book covers for over 28 years. We make book covers for AA, NA, CA, GA, Al-Anon, etc. We have a full line of vinyl covers: small, medium and large, including single and double b
Sober Sources Network
1 1925
Your online guide to recovery resources, information, directory and forums.
Laurie Stetzler - Design Works Jewelry
1 1461

Custom made amulet and talismans jewelry in gold and silver with gemstones to enhance the energies you want in your recovery. I specialize in Phoenixes; the transcendent symbol of a new life.
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1 1244

Clean. Sober. Video. Blog.
All recovery material, all the time... Your hosts, Baghead Sponsor and Newcomer bring you interviews with oldtimers and experts, original music videos, and tons of info on topics that do and don't matter!
Life recovery
1 557
A site about recovery with audio files, free ebooks, and graphics and a support forum.
12 Step Retreats
1 976

We offer several Twelve Step Weekend Retreats a year. Our recovery retreats were started in 1972 for Alcoholics and Al-Anons. We have expanded to include all members of 12 step programs.
We have a retreat leader who does 5 talks over the weekend. Mee
The Sobriety Collective
1 268

A community of sober citizens, sharing their stories and thoughts on sobriety.

We. Are. Sober.
New Life In Recovery from Alcoholism
1 1629

A site about the subject of alcoholism written and developed from the unique perspective of a recovering alcoholic. How to have successful recovery. Useful, relevant, REAL.
SobrietyStones Recovery Jewelry and AA Gifts
1 1987

Handmade Spiritual Recovery Jewelry and AA Gifts. Celebrate your recovery anniversary with handmade sobriety jewelry, serenity jewelry, AA jewelry, inspirational gifts.
Recovery zone
1 1203

The Recovery Zone 2 is a 12 step structured sober living home for men. For $125 a week, we offer two man rooms, no bunk-beds. We have been open since September of 1999. The Recovery Zone is an approved member of The San Fernando Valley Sober Living N
abbie in wondrland
1 72
Recovering from addiction and mental illness can be a wild ride, not unlike Alice in Wonderland's trip. Come along while we talk about addiction and how to get through...and back to reality, in one piece.
Drug Rehab in Florida
0 42
Christian Drug Rehab Florida

Our philosophy is that with the 12 Steps of Recovery in one hand and the Bible in the other, your chances of sustaining permanent sobriety increase exponentially.
Rainbow Recovery Club
0 575
Rainbow Recovery Club presents a comedic and fun BLOG by: Lauren L! Come read and enjoy the funny and heart capturing sides of recovery. We are not a glum lot!
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0 26

Elevated Recovery is a site dedicated to the treatment of pornography addiction and sexual compulsive disorders.
Community Recovery Los Angeles
0 364

Community Recovery is a 90 day addiction treatment program with multiple facilities in the greater Los Angeles area. Visit for more info.
0 331 serves as a forum for recovering alcoholics to share their
experience, strength and hope with each other. We are not directly affiliated with
Alcoholics Anonymous world services although we do adhere to the 12 Steps and 12
Recover in Style
0 292
Awesome tee shirts for the recovery community!
Higher Power Hour
0 278

The Higher Power Hour™ is a Spiritually based, Recovery & Music Radio Show, about Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, featuring the testimony of people who have reclaimed their lives thru God and Education.
Monkey Off Back - Circus Still In Town! Comedy Show for all occasion
0 22
Nationally Touring Recovery Comedy show coming to a recovery event near you! Experience, Strength, & Hope...with Hilarity!
Witness THE SHOW OF A LIFETIME! (It;s autobiographical;)
0 3123
A.A. Fernandina Beach / Amelia Island, Florida USA area. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedules, Blog, Forum, Detox Listings, Links, Map, Resources, Rehab Listings, Entertainment, Safe, Informative, up-to-date, spiritually wholesome and more.
Writers In Treatment
0 627

Writers In Treatment is the only national non-profit to help men and women in the writing profession get treatment for alcoholism, addiction and other self-destructive behaviors.
Clean and Sober Websites
0 835

List of websites that promote Drug and Alcohol Free living.
Sober Systems
0 304
Recovery resource, and Hand Crafted AA, Al-Anon and NA Pendants made with Coins from around the World.
Alcoholics Anonymous & Alcoholics Anonymous Histor
0 1780

The complete history of early A.A. roots, development, and astonishingly successful program. 39 published titles, 250 articles, audio blogs, links, archives, and what's new.
AA NA 12 Step Recovery Greeting Cards
0 785

High quality greeting cards for folks in 12 step recovery programs (AA, NA, Al-Anon) - all kinds of sober greeting cards - humorous, inspirational, encouraging, anniversary, birthday - great way to show support or acknowledge a sober milestone.
0 347
Do you live with a problem drinker? Would you like support and advice from professionals? A new membership website which will empower you to make changes in your life and help you to influence your drinker to seek treatment.
Recovery Gifts by the Anonymous Crafter
0 358

Looking for affordable recovery gifts? Consider a scrabble tile pendant with a recovery message. Affordable, fun and handcrafted - the perfect gift for those in recovery.
Susanne Blumer
0 15
Too many of us live with unspoken hurt. Things too painful or shameful to share. Broken bits we don't want anyone to see. I understand. I do too.

I've retired from drinking and now I'm on a journey of recovery and self-discovery. I'd love for yo
0 220
Sober Living Mission Viejo CA

Rent Includes Food and Utilities
Cozy House with a View
Retreats in Mexico for Women in Recovery
0 215
Week long intensive retreats to recharge, refresh and renergize your recovery.We focus on The blocks to Happiness with meditation, therapy,workshops, and reflection time. Yoga clases are available as are many other activities. All of this is set in the tr
Addiction Reviews
0 304
Addiction Reviews is a site dedicated to providing a list of the best recovery resources out there – reviewed by the addicts and alcoholics who have been to the rehabs, read the books, attended the meetings and seen the addiction therapists and counselors
Athena Engraving
0 424
An online merchant that offers personalized, engraved AA and NA recovery medallions, key-chains, necklaces, and other personalized gifts. PO Box 175, Lebanon, Georgia 30146
The Token Shop
0 552
We have the best prices on the most popular AA Tokens, AA Chips, AA Medallions, AA Coins
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